BioTAK® adhesives can be used for any type of compostable of biodegradable product. These applications have require specific properties for the adhesive. BioTAK® is successfully applied in labelling and packaging and some specific custom applications. BioTAK® is suitable for many biodegradable or compostable products and applications where glue is involved.

Self-adhesive labels
BioTAK®’s parent company Bio4Life uses BioTAK® for self-adhesive compostable labels. These labels are applied to compliment compostable packaging or utilised directly on fruit and vegetables. Many other customers have find their own way in labelapplications, using the BioTAK® adhesive.

BioTAK application

Compostable labels
BioTAK® is coated to different surfaces to compliment compostable or biobased packacging. Depending on packaging, end-of-life and requested performance, facestock material can be bioplastic films (e.g. PLA, NatureFlex, Mater-Bi), paper or natural fibres.


Compostable fruit labels
By application of a compostable facestock and the permanent BioTAK® S100-FDA, as well as by applying environmental friendly printing techniques, the label is the only fully certified self-adhesive label according to the EN13432. fruitlabelSince BioTAK® is approved for direct food contact the label can be put in the green-waste stream or in compost (please contact local authorities).
This application highly improves compost quality for home and industrial composting.
For more information about compostable fruit labels, please visit Bio4Life’s website.



BioTAK® adhesive is also applicable for flexible packaging. S500 is suitable for laminating, e.g. creating bioplastic films with higher barriers. Closing tape and double sided tapes are successfully made with S100 and S200 grades. BioTAK® can be directly applied for closing bags and lids.



Some of the applications of BioTAK® are not disclosed, due to non-disclosure agreements. Your specific application can be part of this. If you are inspired by BioTAK® applications or you have urgent questions concerning what is possible or not. Do not hesitate to contact us.


BioTAK S100 in use